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Comparing COB and SMD LED Strip Lights

When we are buying COB led strip lights from China led strip light manufacturer, Obwohl many are familiar with both Cob LED strips and standard LED strips, but few truly understand their differences and benefits. We can assist in choosing the ideal type of lighting to meet the needs of your project; our staff has all of the knowledge about COD and SMD LEDs needed for selection.

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    1. What are the differences between COB LED strip and SMD LED strip?

    The COB chip connects directly to a PCB board, eliminating lamp bead frames, soldier points and golden wires found in traditional SMDs.

    COB led strip light

    What Are COB LEDs?

    COBs (also referred to as flip-chips) are LEDs in which their chip is directly attached to a PCB board for maximum flexibility and space efficiency.

    IP20-High-CRI-90-COB-LED-Strip-Lights-Flexible-LED-Tape-LightWhat Are the Advantages of COB?

    There are various advantages associated with using a COB.

    COB LED strips feature an even light source, unlike the bright dot you find with SMD strips, meaning their light won't be as harsh on the eyes.


    Normal SMD flex strip hotspots are visible to the naked eye when light is near to or on top of their surfaces, or when visible flex strips themselves are present. Conversely, the COB strip emits an attractive yet steady light source all along its length, creating an appealing atmosphere even without visible lightning bolts.


    COB strips are perfect when:

    you cannot conceal it easily in these locations.

    Light bars should be placed no further than 2 feet from any illuminated surface.

    Granite and glass surfaces present the ideal opportunities to utilize this product.

    Apply the neon effect wherever it suits.


    COB strips offer greater flexibility due to their small size and uniform light distribution. As these light strips won't pop out as often, COB strips make for easy placement into tight spaces.

    COB strips offer greater stability by employing three chips that operate in series: two parallel chips in each group and a final group arranged so as to produce light even if two or three fail.

    Wide Emitting Angle COB LED lights illuminate a wider area than SMD strip lights due to a 180-degree beam angle, as opposed to 120 degrees for SMD strip lights.

    2. What Are the Advantages of Tunable White LED Lighting?

    No matter where you install LED lights, eventually, it is beneficial to modify their settings based on your individual moods - cooler lights may help enliven daytime activity while warmer hues will help relax you at nighttime.


    Lighting controls are useful tools, as they give users more options to control lighting in different ways.


    • Circadian Rhythm

    Your circadian rhythm is your body clock; your body knows when and how to wake up and rest, with activity at night needing sleep as much as activity during the day. Cool and warm LED lighting can help regulate this rhythm; choose from either bluish white light during the daytime for work purposes or warm, soft illumination after sundown for relaxation and sleep.


    • Cost-Effective and Attractive

    Tunable white leds are both cost-effective and visually pleasing, boasting excellent quality for less money.


    • Increase Productivity

    One way you can increase productivity is with tunable white LEDs. Their bluish-white light creates an engaging work and study environment for employees and students alike.


    • Create a Peaceful Environment

    Restaurants can use warm lighting to create an ambiance conducive to relaxation. In hospitals, warm lighting can help patients feel more at ease and sleepy.

    single color led strip light (6)3. What is SMD (Single Molecule Device)?

    An SMD is a surface-mounted package containing an LED.

    SMD LED packages consist of a plastic case containing both phosphor material and an LED chip made from a semiconductor material that emits blue light, while some of this light is converted to green and red wavelengths by the phosphor material in order to produce white light from these combinations.


    Benefits of SMD LEDs (surface-mounted diode LEDs) with regard to power and lumen efficiency


    Higher power and efficiency

    SMD LED strips come in an assortment of power options from 5W-40W. Some can produce up to 180lm/W; Lightstec offers High Efficiency LED Strip Lights of top quality.

    Extended lifespan

    SMD LEDs typically last over 100,000 hours - twice that of their counterpart COBs! SMDs come with money back guarantees, while COB LEDs do not. Furthermore, an LM80 report is usually provided.


    SMDs come with an impressive selection of CCT (kelvin temperature). Their 1800K and 2000K varieties are popular choices; other available CCT (kelvin) levels include 2200K, 2440K 2670K as well as 3000K, 3500K 4000K 5000K and 6000K options are also offered.


    Keep excellent color consistency that can reach up to three SDCM.

    Improved CRI Ratings A COB can achieve CRI ratings of 90+ while SMDs may reach 95+.

    Heavy copper PCB SMD LEDs are more resilient due to the 3oz copper present on printed circuit boards.

    High color consistency guaranteed

    Consistency of up to 3 SDCM across reels and batches is assured.

    4. Disadvantages of SMD LEDs

    Narrow Beam Angle SMDs tend to produce narrower beam angles compared to COBs.

    Hot Spot

    A standard 60/120 LED/m strip will display a visible spot.

    5. COB LED Strip Color Options

    Color choices of COB LED strips for LED lighting applications range from white and red/green, through blue/yellow/orange to RGBWWW (red-green-blue) with CRI greater than 90 and various temperature temperatures (2700K and 3000K).Color Temperature Of LED Strip Light

    6. IP Rated COB LED Strip

    Here are your options for selecting an IP grade COB LED strip:

     LED strip light IP CHART

    IP20 No Water-proof This lamp should only be used indoors; for example in your living room, bedroom or cabinet.

    Silicone Sleeve IP65 - These COB LED strips feature an IP65 waterproof rating, making them suitable for outdoor use in damp locations without risking submersion in water.

    IP68 Silicone Sleeve with Silica Gel Filling

    This COB LED light features an IP68 silicone sleeve filled with silica gel for submergibility into water environments.

    7. Can COB LED strips be dimmed?

    Mes As with regular SMD strips, COB led strips can also be dimmed by using DALI or Triac dimming supplies and/or 0-10V power supplies to dim them.

    8. COB LED Strips: Alternative Solutions There are other available alternatives to COB strips.


    1. Lightstec offers high-density LED strip light options with up to 700LEDs/meter density for optimal output.
    2. LED profiles can help enhance the SMD led strip lighting effect by acting as diffusers to minimize unwanted lighting dots. They are also great at dust prevention and heat dissipation - while even helping extend their lifespan!

    Our thoughts on COB led strips: For creating light effects without hot spots, COB LEDs may be your ideal solution. SMDs offer brighter lights with more consistent hues but tend to last longer due to being made up of multiple lights in a series.

    9. Conclusion

    Before selecting an LED manufacturer, it is essential that you consider several criteria when making your selection. Look for companies offering top-quality products at fair prices while providing outstanding customer support - this way your LED manufacturer can meet all of your lighting needs!

    Lightstec offers superior-led strip lights. Our focus lies on helping our clients reduce costs while offering the best support possible.

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