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Lighting channel is a lighting solution for indoor and outdoor applications. It can be used as LED strip light, LED tube light, LED spot light, LED floodlight and other lighting fixtures.

The drywall LED channel is a kind of aluminum extrusion profile with a smooth surface, which has been widely used in wall decorations, such as hotel decoration, commercial building decoration, and so on.

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Drywall LED Channel structure

What Are Finishes Color Available For LED Aluminum Profile?

Aluminum LED channels come in mostly anodized finishes. Silver Anodized, White Anodized and Black Anodized are the most popular finishes. Silver anodize is a light silver color that matches with most home decor. White anodized is a bright white color that will make your lights stand out in any room. And then there is black anodized, which has a dark black finish that can give your space a more dramatic look.

There are other finishes available such as brushed aluminum, brushed gold and brushed copper, but these are not as common for LED aluminum channel and can be difficult to find.

Silver Anodized

Silver anodized aluminum LED profile is one of the most popular options for LED channel lighting. It's a warm gray color that blends well with most finishes, especially white. The finish is durable and doesn't have much glare, so it's great for kitchens and bathrooms.

White Anodized

White anodized aluminum LED profile is another popular option for LED channel lighting. White has become more popular in recent years because it provides a bright, crisp light that works well in any setting. The finish is easy to clean and durable, so it won't show fingerprints or smudges easily.

Black Anodized

Black anodized aluminum LED profile has been around for years but still remains popular among architects and designers who want something bolder than silver or white. Black has a very modern look that works well in industrial spaces such as warehouses and factories where exposed piping is common. It also works well in retail spaces where products are on display behind bars or glass panels because it helps draw attention to them without being too flashy."