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LED Strip 2835-60


  • Hight brightness SMD 2835 LED
  • 60/120/180/240/140 LEDs/m Option
  • 100~150LM/W Light Efficacy
  • >80/90 CRI
  • 1,800 ~ 10,000K CCT
  • DC 12V/ 24V Optional
  • Up to 50,000 hours of Lifespan

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LED Strips Specifications:

White color LED strip light is one of the most popular LED strip lights, especially for home lighting. Because white LED has enough brightness, smooth color, and great durability.  You can use it to replace all kinds of incandescent bulbs, such as par lamps, track lamps, and so on.  It will make a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your house at night and provide you with a quiet mood all the time.

led strip light size 60 -24

LED Q'ty 60LEDs/m
Wattage 12W/M
Voltage DC12V/DC24V
PCB Width 8MM/10MM
Light efficacy 120 lm/w( +/-10%)
Energy grade A
Warranty 5years
Working hour 30,000h
Illumination Angle 120°
Working temperature .-20℃~+45℃


  • They have been widely used in homes, hotels, clubs, and another indoor decorating lighting.
  • The strip light is flexible and can be bent into the shape you wanted.
  • It can be used for under cabinet lighting and under-counter lighting, as well as accent lighting in bars or clubs.
  • You can put it on a shelf or even under a cabinet in your kitchen or any other room in your home to create a nice glow of illumination

The Outstanding Features of 2835 SMD LED:

Section 1: The 2835 SMD LED is an upgraded version of the 3528 SMD LED.
Section 2: The 2835 SMD LED is more powerful than the 3528 SMD LED.
Section 3: The 2835 SMD LED has a high rate of lumen per watt.
Section 4: The 2835 SMD LED is reliable and durable.
Section 5: The 2835 SMD LED can be easily installed and used in both indoor and outdoor lighting projects.
Takeaway: Buy 2835 single-color led strip lights for the best results.

How to connect the strip light to the power driver?

How to connect led strip light

First, Calculate The Wattage of Each LED Strip — You should already have an idea of how much power will be required to run your LED light tapes. However, there might be some additions or subtractions in the number after you’ve cut and connected the tapes together. So, calculate the overall wattage required to power your flexible LED light strips again.

Second, Find Compatible Power Supply — You need to choose a driver that will use only 80% of its overall power to run the LED tapes. This is very important for the longevity of both your power supply and LED strips.

Third, Connect LED Strip to Power Supply — You can make a series of circuits or parallel circuits for the LED strip lights. And all LED strip lights are dimmable, you can also connect a dimmer for better brightness control.

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