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LED Strip Light Manufacturer&Supplier

Kaytai is a professional top LED strip lights manufacturer in China, that designs, produces, and sells LED strip lights all over the world.

Our LED Strip lights include regular white color SMD2835 LED Light Strips, 5050SMD LED Strip Lights, SMD315 Side Emitting LED Strips, SMD2110 High Density LED Tape; RGB, RGBW, Dual White & Addressable LED Strip Lights.

We are one of the best LED Strip Light Manufacturers in China with a large factory scale and good quality. Welcome to contact us for details!

RGBW Color-Changing LED Strips

Kaytai is a leading led strip manufacturer in China. We supply popular RGBW color-changing led strips such as smd5050 RGB led strip, smd2835 RGB led strip, smd3838 RGB led strip, smd5050 RGBW 4in1 led strip, smd5050 5in1 RGB WW led strip, cob RGB led strip and cob RGBW led strip, etc. The size of the products is customized according to clients' needs.

All our ambient lights are CE certificated ensuring high performance and a long lifetime in various applications including interior decoration as well as advertising solutions.

Једнобојне ЛЕД траке

Looking for Single Color LED Strip manufacturer? We are the best one - Kaytai, one of the leading single color led strip manufacturers in China supplying smd5050 led strip, smd3528 led strip, smd3014 side emitting led strip, smd3014 end emitting led strip, smd5630 side emitting led strip, and cob side emitting led strip.

We supply popular single-color led strips such as smd5mm and cob 3mm for high efficiency and low cost. All our single-color led strip lights are CE and RoHS certificated, ensuring high performance and a long lifetime. We offer customized solutions and OEM/ODM services. Wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and dealers are welcome to purchase in bulk with us.

ЦОБ ЛЕД траке

Kaytai Lighting is one of the top custom flexible COB LED Strip Light manufacturers in China. We offer customized solutions, OEM, and ODM services. Wholesalers, distributors, dealers, traders, and agents are welcome to purchase in bulk with us.

Our flexible COB LED Strip Lights are available in different lengths, CRI, and power (Watts), with multi-function of strips including IP67 waterproof led strips, corrosion-resistant, and heat resistant. Customized solutions and OEM/ODM services are also available.

Подесиве беле ЛЕД траке

Kaytai Lighting is one of the leading dynamic tunable white led strip manufacturers in China supplying variable white led strips, white led strips, CCT adjustable white led strips and color dual-white CCT led strips. We can customize products according to your requirements. Please contact us for more details or get free samples!

we offer high brightness, energy-saving, and environment-friendly products of the LED light strips with CE certification, also known as illuminated LEDs.

Бочни поглед ЛЕД траке

The side emitting led strip is a unique led strip that has shaped diodes that shine sideways instead of upwards, ideal for signage lettering and edge highlighting. These side emitting led strips are available in single color series as well as RGB series and RGBW series, depending on your application needs.
Our side emitting LED strip will help you achieve your project's lighting by adding some extra shine to your space!

LED Strip Lights Applications

If you're looking to make your home look better by installing LED lighting strips, there are plenty of options to choose from. I've put together a list of applications and uses you can use with LED lighting strips that can be installed under cabinets, in closets, and even on the ceiling.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday Decorations

Light up your home for the holidays with our Christmas light strings. They're perfect for decorating trees, shrubs, fences, and more. Plus, with so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the right lights for your holiday display. Choose from different color options, the number of bulbs per strand, and more. Whether you're looking for traditional multi-colored strands or just want to accent your home with a single color, we've got what you need.

Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting

LED strip lights are great for pool lighting because they are waterproof, durable, and energy-efficient. You can use them along the edges of your pool or spa or under waterfalls to create a beautiful glow effect without the worry of water damage or corrosion!

Car Lighting

Car Lighting

LED Strip Lights for Cars are perfect for adding lighting effects to your car or truck's exterior or interior. With their versatility and durability, these lights come in handy when setting up different types of projects such as adding lighting effects on your vehicle's bodywork as well as underbody illumination projects like underbody neon lights kits or even underbody glow tapes!

Gaming Room

Gaming Room

LED light strips can be used to create mood lighting, as well as highlight certain areas of the room. For example, you can use LED lights under your gaming desk to create an atmosphere of immersion and focus. You could also use LED lights on the walls or other areas to create a more modern look.

Bars & Restaurants

Bars & Restaurants

LED strip lights are great for under bar counters, behind bar tops and in display cabinets. They are perfect for highlighting wine racks and bottles, or even highlighting the bottles that are on display. The strip lights can also be used as a backdrop to your bar area or restaurant.

Home Theater Setup

Home Theater Setup

LED Strip Lights are the perfect solution for TV backlighting and wall accent lighting. You can choose the length of the LED Strip Light depending on the size of your TV, and create an accent lighting effect that matches the color of your wall or furniture.

Stairway Lighting

Stairway Lighting

LED strips can be installed under each step of a staircase. The light will shine up through the steps and provide adequate lighting for walking up and down without having to turn on overhead lights. This solution can be used in any area where there is not enough natural light for safety reasons or for aesthetic reasons.

Cabinet lighting

Cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is one of my favorite things about using LED Strip Lights because it creates such an elegant look in any kitchen! These lights will illuminate all those hard-to-reach places that you always trip over while cooking dinner!

Display case lighting

Display case lighting

LED Strips are a great way to illuminate display cases, shelves, and more. They're flexible, easy to install and produce very little heat.
The most common use for LED strips is backlighting for signs and displays. You'll find them in everything from retail stores to museums and restaurants.

Takeaway: LED Strips are an amazing LED lighting system that comes with a wide variety of uses. They are great for holiday lighting with endless possibilities, they make perfect pool lighting solutions, can be used in bars and restaurants and all sorts of areas, they make gaming rooms stand out, and so much more.

LED Strip Lights Manufacturing Process

LED lighting production requires high precision, but many manufacturers make their lights on basic assembly lines. We strictly regulate and monitor all processing steps in our manufacturing system. We also have a full set of equipment designated for production and quality control. We employ experienced engineers who are also factory supervisors to ensure strict quality control for every single LED strip light.

We hope that this post will increase your understanding of the LED lighting industry and allow you to further develop and explore the product line.


Step 1. LED strip light material IQC

Materials arrived in the factory, no matter PCB, led, ic, resistance, aluminum profile, cables, need QC check. all the items need to meet the requirement. Quality Control is the first thing we have to do when all the materials arrive. We have to inspect them whether they are qualified or not --- however, there may still be some defective products that have gone through the whole process of production --- defects in materials, processing, or shipping.

2- LED CCT-check

Step 2. LED color temperature check

Now, with all new led chips, you need to test the LEDs color temperature. The brightness of the same color is not always the same. The Color Rendering Index is also a topic that you have to make sure the client.


Step 3. LED dry process

Usually, this process will be followed by the SMT process. LED needs to be dried before it is processing SMT. The temperature of the drying is not less than 65℃ in 8 hours.

Step 4. LED strip light SMT process

LED strip light SMT process is widely used in modern lighting units. What is funny is that SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology, but the technology on how to produce the LED is not just called mount surface but also includes a high-speed automated machine. Many people are misunderstanding this.


Step 5. LED strip light reflow soldering process

Reflow soldering technology process after SMT, the components, and PCB using the solder paste. The PCB from the reflow soldering machine into a certain temperature. The solder paste into the liquid consistency of melted, and then bonded to different components.


Step 6. LED strip light inspection process

we have 100% test to make sure there is no physical damage to the products. The visual inspection ensures that there is no color shift in the LEDs and if any components are misaligned in solder bridges.


Step 7. LED strip light soldering process

Some small-size PCB with the zero angle, lead free soldering process. After inspection, the LED ribbon passes through a soldering machine, which connects 0.5m ribbon to 5m long strips.


Step 8. LED strip light PCB clean process

The PCB surface for the LED strip has a soldering iron to clean. The first thing to do is still soldering. Solder the IC can be used to prevent oxidization during the soldering process, and then cut off the excess lead wire into a round toothpaste drum, like oxidation. After all of this is completed, we can continue to clean it.


Step 9. LED strip light ageing process

In fact, all the led product needs a lighting test for 8 hours, to ensure each LEDs runs in good condition. And we can measure the colors during the lighting test, and whether the LEDs are in the right color temperature, and whether the driver working well. So this is very important for the manufacturer to make sure every LEDs is ok.

Step 10. LED strip light waterproof process

LED strip lights are waterproof and also rust resistant, which make them suitable for a number of applications inside and outside the house. LED strip light waterproofing process selection is an important step in the manufacturing process. There are high quality IP65 silicon tube waterproof and IP67 silicon injection waterproof available on the market.


Step 11. LED strip light add 3M tape process

The 3M tape on the strip’s backside provides consumers with convenience and ease in installing LED strip lighting.

We use 3M 9080 for all the non-waterproof and waterproof strip, some customers request other 3M adhesive with better stickiness or better thermal conductivity, that’s available as well.


Step 12. LED strip light final inspection

After the entire LED strip package has passed through our processing, LED Starlight's quality control department will perform a final check on our products. We not only make sure they have the same lighting color and are free from defects but also the appearance is good enough to meet the customers' requirements.


LED Strip Lights FAQ

Among the range of led strip lights, we have a ranking of some of the best products you can buy. Our goal is to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible with our customer reviews and buying guides. With that in mind, we've created extensive guides for our readers, to help them choose the right led strip light for them.


LED strip lights are popular in the market. They are used for many purposes and can be easily installed in any area or place. You can also use them as a decorative element for your home, office, or business.

LED strip lights are available in various sizes and with different features, so you must choose the best one that suits your needs. Here is a list of the top 10 best LED strip lights you can buy from the market:

1. Flexible LED Strip Lights Kit - 200 LEDs Waterproof IP65 - 16.4 Ft / 5 M - 5050 RGB SMD LED Light Strip Light (5 Meter) - Warm White

2. RGBW LED Flexible Strip Lights Kit 24 Key IR Remote Controller DC12V 5m 5050SMD LED Strip Light with 3M Adhesive Tape on Backside Copper Wire - Warm White 6500K 10pcs/set

3. LED Flexible Strip Lights Kit 24 Key IR Remote Controller DC12V 5m 5050SMD LED Strip Light with 3M Adhesive Tape on Backside Copper Wire - Cold White 6500K 10pcs/set

4. RGBW 9-LED RGB Warm White Color Changing Flexible Underwater Lighting Kit with Remote Control for Aquarium Fish Tank Fish Bowl