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We are a manufacturer of aluminum profiles, aluminum channels, stainless steel channels, and steel channels.

Aluminum Profile Light Manufacturer, Aluminum Channel Light Manufacturer, Stainless Steel Channel Light Manufacturer in China.

Aluminum Channel Light is widely used for commercial lighting, architectural lighting, and decorative lighting. It is widely used for ceiling walls or floor lamps.

Aluminum Profile Light is made of high-quality raw materials with CNC machining and polishing process. The surface finish is bright and smooth, which could be applied to indoor or outdoor lighting projects.

We have been in this industry for over 10 years with our own factory and professional team. We can provide products with high quality and competitive prices to every customer.

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How To Choose LED Profile Diffuser?

Nowadays LED profile lights are getting more and more popular in our daily life, LED profile lights have the advantages of small size, lightweight, lower power consumption, and easy installation. They are widely used in offices, hotels, restaurants,s and so on. But in order to get a better lighting effect, people usually choose different led covers for the whole frame of the led light. There are many kinds of cover to choose from: acrylic diffuser, frosted glass diffuser(profile cover), frosted plexiglass diffuser(profile cover), metal aluminum diffuser(profile cover), and paint can lid. below we've listed some advantages and disadvantages of each type to help you better understand them.

What Types Of Diffuser Materials are Available For LED Channels?

There are four main types of diffuser/cover in the market: PC, PMMA, Silicone, and PVC. The material covering the LED profile not only has an impact on the light effect but also affects the anti-scratch, anti-extrusion, and anti-aging performance of LED panel lights.

PVC- is a polymer plastic that finds use in the manufacture of a huge number of products, including electrical devices. In the case of electrical devices, PVC wiring is one of the most commonly used types, and it's no wonder why: it's affordable, and in addition to being reasonably hardy, it's also quite flame resistant.

PMMA- Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) is a clear plastic that is hard, glossy, and a good insulator. Its very-high optical clarity makes it great for diffusers when quality is important, but affordability is a factor. Acrylic tends to be used in situations where transparency is needed but needs to be scratch-resistant.

PC - Polyvinyl Chloride - is a material for the production of diffusers for LED channels. Its coefficient of expansion almost does not change in the range from -20 ° C to + 50 ° C; this quality makes it possible to use PC diffusers for indoor, outdoor, and underground lighting. PC diffusers are produced in any shape: balls, domes, and columns, besides the classic square and rectangular shapes.

Silicone - silicone diffuser is soft, flexible, and elastic and can change its shape to fit the bottle opening. In addition, silicone oil diffusers are easily cleaned and don't absorb scent like natural rubber, being water repellent and more durable.

What Types Of PC Diffusers are Available For LED Channels?

Clear diffuser - It is one of the traditional PC diffusers. It has already a significant market. The size, shape, and design of this product can be customized by your requirements. It has all the functions that a wood or metal diffuser has. Also, it is safe, easy to use, and has a lower price compared to wood and metal cover.

Frosted diffusers- They are still very sturdy and widely used by our customers. With their soft light and semi-transparent look, frosted profile diffusers are the right choice for a lot of commercial applications, residential applications, or hotels.

Opal Diffuser/Cover- It can be a good choice especially if you are into designing your channel's appearance with several different colors. Unlike the other types of diffusers, however, it will not vary the output of light as it does not scatter or reflect any of the light. Also, this kind of diffuser can provide limited safety for you especially if you intend to work around it.

Milky diffuser/cover - It is made of PC material. It has good privacy and protection to LED. It can also help to improve the color rendering, resulting in consistent optical effects.

Black PC diffuser - It is specifically designed to cover the LED channel of a cabinet. This serves to both soften the light as well as protect platen glass from damage. It usually slides on from above and can also be reversed for cleaning and glass replacement.

Silicone diffuser - It is soft. It has very good features such as waterproof, acting like a protective cage to prevent body damage and it also helps to maintain a certain amount of protection for lighting devices.

Lens cover -You have a LED Channel Light for your Indoor Lighting, but you still find it not bright enough. In this case, we suggest you use the diffuser to improve its performance. It is an optical lens design of a transparent diffuser. Which narrows the 120-degree beam angle of the led strips, to 10 degrees, 30 degrees, and 60 degrees. So it will light a smaller surface, in exchange for higher brightness there.