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Aluminum Profile Channel manufacturer & supplier in China. We are specialized in custom aluminum profile channels, aluminum extrusion, aluminum alloy, aluminum tubes, and other products. Well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various aluminum products in China, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our cheap products made in China from our factory.

LED corner light channel is made of high-quality aluminum alloy 6061/T6/7075 with precise machining for good electrical conductivity and surface treatment for good corrosion resistance. It's widely used for making LED strip lights or signboards.

LED corner profile has many advantages such as beautiful appearance, lightweight, easy installation, etc. We have both customized service and stock for sale at competitive prices with good quality. If you need other models or dimensions of aluminium profiles, please feel free to contact КаиТаи!

LED Corner profile structure

ЛЕД угаони профил

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What is an LED aluminum profile?

Kaytai is a professional led aluminum profile manufacturer in China.

LED aluminum profiles, also known as aluminum extrusions, are structures typically made of aluminum designed to house and protect LED strip lights. Most importantly, it can help the LED strip to dissipate heat quickly.

LED aluminum profiles are becoming popular for both commercial and residential properties. There are many benefits of using LED aluminum profiles. For example, LED aluminum profiles can help the LED strip to have a longer service life. In addition, it is more durable than conventional lighting fixtures and can withstand the harsh environments in which many LED lights are used, such as retail shops and restaurants.

What is LED corner aluminum profile?

The Corner LED aluminum profile has an angle and is generally used to install on the corners of walls, ceilings, shelves, cabinets, and stairs. Its installation method is similar to surface-mounted LED aluminum profiles, using mounting clips.

What types of diffusers are available for LED aluminum profiles?

There are so many types of diffusers. How do I know which one is right for me?

There are two primary materials for diffusers on the market, PC and PMMA.

PC diffuser

• Impact resistant.
• Flame retardant materials, not easy to burn.
• Environmentally friendly plastics.
• UV resistant.
• Weather resistance (outdoor aging resistance).
• Low surface hardness.
• Easy to scratch.

PMMW diffuser

• Good transparency.
• The surface has good scratch resistance.
• Large wear coefficient.
• Larger tendency of high-temperature thermal deformation.
• Easy to crack.

The light transmittance of the different diffusers is different. Choose a suitable diffuser according to the lighting effect you want.

Transparent diffuser

85-95% light transmittance. For maximum brightness, this diffuser will not provide spotless light effects.

Semi-Clear diffuser

70-80% light transmittance.

Opal diffuser

70-80% light transmittance. It can minimize the light spot and diffuser the light evenly

Black diffuser

30-35% light transmittance. Just like the opal diffuser, it’s decorative, as the led strip is not

visible. As the transmittance rate is low, you may need a brighter led strip to increase the brightness.