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Our products are widely used for home lighting, commercial lighting, and other decorative lighting.

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Surface mount led profile structure

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How To Install LED Aluminum Profile

The installation of the LED aluminum profile includes three steps. Install the aluminum profile, install the LED strip into the aluminum profile, and install the aluminum profile cover. The order of these three steps varies depending on the type of installation. I will explain the detailed installation steps step by step below.

Step 1: Mount the LED aluminum profile.

LED aluminum profiles are easy to install due to their lightweight. Depending on the shape and function of the LED aluminum profiles, they can be surface mounted, recessed or flush-mounted, corner mounted, or suspended. LED profiles are usually mounted using mounting brackets, screws, 3M double-sided tape or mounting adhesive, suspension cables, and fasteners.

Surface mount aluminum profile

You can mount the LED strip light channel directly on a wall, ceiling, or other surface using mounting brackets, 3M double-sided tape, or screws. Mounting brackets usually have pre-drilled holes. You can quickly fix them on the wall with screws. Then, the aluminum profile snaps into the mounting brackets.

Installing an LED strip light channel with 3M double-sided tape is as easy as peeling and sticking. This installation requires the preparation of the mounting surface and ensuring it is clean and dry. Use isopropyl alcohol as a cleaning solvent and use acetone instead for the oily substrate.

Since the LED profile is made of aluminum, it is also easy to penetrate with a screw so that the aluminum profile can be easily fixed to the mounting surface.

Recessed mount or flush mount aluminum profile

The aluminum profile is mounted behind a wall or other surface with the contoured opening flush with the surface. It would be best if you dug a recess in the mounting area to match the width and depth of the LED strip channel.

Are you worried about the recess opening being uneven or too wide? Don’t worry. LED aluminum channel tracks with lips (also known as wings or flanges) on both sides. When flush-mounted, they can overlap unpleasant recess edges or gaps.

Some LED aluminum profiles have two recesses in the side walls. Use the mounting clips to clamp onto the first or second recess to adjust the mounting height and the cooling distance between the LED profile and the recess base on the mounting surface.

Corner mount aluminum profile

The angle LED aluminum channel is used as an angle mounting substrate for LED strips, providing beam angles of 30°, 45°, and 60° concerning the mounting surface and creating ambiance in the corner areas of the room. Corner mounting is made easy by using mounting brackets, double-sided adhesive tape, etc.
For corner mounting, the LED aluminum channel makes good use of space unavailable to other luminaires. In addition, special attention needs to be paid to dark corners when designing lighting schemes. Corner-mounted LED profiles easily brighten up corners stylishly and elegantly. Where does the high thermal performance of corner-mounted LED profiles come from? Let’s take the example of the 45° beam angle LED profile. The corner-mounted profile has an internal base at a 45° angle to the two walls of the profile. The inner base and the two walls of the LED channel form a cavity which enhances the cooling of the LED strip and the cooling of the channel.

Suspended mount led aluminum extrusion profile

LED extrusion profiles have been more and more used in elegant strip lighting for modern spaces. Hanging the LED extrusion profile from the ceiling is a new way to create contemporary lighting in the air. Pendant cables, buckles, and fasteners are usually used to hang the LED profiles.

Step 2: Install LED strip lights into the LED extrusion profile.

This is the typical peel-and-stick installation. Peel off the protection liner of the 3M double-sided tape and stick the LED strip to the inner base of the aluminum channel.

Step 3: Pair the LED aluminum channel with cover.

Line the cover with the LED aluminum channel at one end, and squeeze the cover into the holding grooves on the inner walls of the channel. Then press to the other end. You can tell by the click sound if the cover sits in the position.