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Who We Are

Kaytai aluminum profile company, established in 2013, subsidiary company of Lightstec.

Kaytai is committed to excellence and innovation. We always pay attention to the details in order to meet the clients’ requests. That’s why we have gained a good reputation both in China and abroad.

Our aluminum profiles are designed and manufactured in our factory, located in Zhongshan city. We have a wonderful team who are equipped with the latest technological innovations and with a hot heart to keenly observe and capture the ideas.

Our goal is to be a great brand in the field of led linear lighting. We believe that our products would reach the world and bring a new lifestyle of lighting to more countries all over the world.

Aluminum Profile Manufacturing Capacity

KayTai is a professional-led aluminum profile manufacturer. We can make different sizes of LED aluminum profiles, according to your designs or samples.

We use the highest quality aluminum for our build process, but we also use high-quality LED fixtures and luminaire parts to create a perfect light fixture that can meet your specifications.

We take care of all operations of your order like machining, punching, and bending so that your products are perfect and suitable for your industry.

Aluminum straightening equipment

Aluminum Straightening Equipment

Aluminum extruding machine

Aluminum Extruding Machine

aluminum profile warehouse

Aluminum Profile Warehouse

aluminum profile cutting machine

Aluminum Profile Cutting Machine

PC lampshade extrudes

PC Diffuser Extruder

PC cover carving machine

PC Cover Carving Machine

profile angle cutting machine

Profile Angle Cutting Machine

profile roll bending machine

Profile Roll Bending Machine

profile angle cutting machine 3

Profile Angle Cutting Machine

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Welcom to our factory. It is a great place to work

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Our Factory

Welcome here to our factory.

1#901, Meicheng Creative Industrial Park,
XiaoLan, Guangdong, China