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LED lighting profile is the latest development in LED strip light channel. It is made of aluminum extrusion, which can achieve the best heat dissipation effect. The LED strip light channel is used for LED skirting baseboard and other LED lighting projects.

Aluminum profile channel has a high strength, good ductility and corrosion resistance, so it can be used in all weather conditions. Aluminum profile channel also has a wide range of colors, various surface treatment and special specifications that meet customers' needs.

LED Strip Light Profile Advantages:

  1. Good heat dissipation effect, long service life.
  2. Perfect appearance, neat and tidy appearance, no obvious defects on the surface of the product (such as burrs), no need to spend time for finishing after processing.
  3. Widely used in display cabinets and indoor lights of supermarkets, shopping malls and so on; outdoor decorative lightings such as street lights and lamp posts etc.; outdoor advertising boards such as billboards etc.; commercial lighting such as display cabinets etc.; household lighting such as kitchen cabinets etc.; furniture accessories such as desks etc.; architectural decoration such as skirting boards etc.;
LED Skirting Baseboard structure

How to select an LED aluminum profile for LED strip lights?

It is essential to consider several important things before buying LED aluminum profiles.

Dimensions of LED strip lights

First thing, you need to confirm the size of the LED strip. The width of the LED strip is the most critical, and you must ensure that the width inside the LED aluminum profile is larger than the width of the LED strip.

Then buy enough aluminum channels according to the length of the LED strip.

The lighting effect you want to achieve

Which type of diffuser to buy is determined by the lighting effects you want. If it is direct lighting, and you need the light to be spotless, then you need to choose an opal diffuser.

If indirect lighting and high brightness are essential, you will most likely want to choose a transparent diffuser.

Suppose you are installing LED profiles for decorative purposes only. In that case, you may consider recessed, or plaster LED channels, as they blend in perfectly with the environment and look tidier.

Location of installation

You need to consider the mounting position of the LED aluminum profile. If it needs to be installed outdoors, then you need to choose an IP65 waterproof aluminum profile.

For corner lighting, then you need to choose the corner aluminum profile.

For cabinet lighting, then recessed aluminum profile is a good choice.

Mounting type

Finally, consider how you want to mount the LED channel. Do you have a concave surface?

Do you have gypsum board ceilings? Or do you want the most effortless installation possible?

These questions will help you determine which type of LED channel is best for your needs.