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Recessed LED Channel Manufacturer & Supplier in China

KayTai is a professional manufacturer and exporter of recessed led channel light fixtures, led strip light profile extrusion, linear light profile in China. We have been in this line for more than 10 years, our products have been exported to many countries such as the USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Australia and so on.

Our main products are led strip light profile extrusion, recessed led channel light fixtures, linear light profile with various shapes and material options. The material include aluminum 6061/7075/T6 and PC cover. We also provide customized service according to customer's request.

LED Channel Lights are the most popular products of our company. Using only the highest quality materials, we ensure that all of our LED channel lights are durable and long lasting. We have a wide range of LED channel lights available, which can be used for commercial or residential purposes. These lights are designed to provide excellent lighting for your home or business.

Recessed LED Channel Light fixtures is a new way of lighting design. The recessed LED channel is installed in the ceiling or wall, and the led strip lights can be inserted into it to form a beautiful and bright light fixture. Because of its unique design, the recessed LED channel has become very popular in the market. It can be used in all kinds of business places, including offices, banks, hotels and so on.

Recessed LED Channel structure

What is a recessed mounted led aluminum profile?

KayTai is a professional recessed-mounted led aluminum profile manufacturer in China.

The recessed LED aluminum profile, also known as the T-shaped LED aluminum profile, is recessed inside the surface. We usually use these channels on wood shelves or cabinets.

To install the recessed LED aluminum channel, you must open the corresponding slot according to the size of the channel.

What finishes are available for the LED channel?

Most of the aluminum LED channels are anodized. Anodizing is an electrochemical process anodizing layer that makes it corrosion resistant, durable, and decorative. Other finishes include powder coating, paint, and gloss dipping, all used for protection and decorative purposes.

Three standard anodized finishes in LED aluminum profiles are silver anodized, white anodized, and black anodized.

What parts does an LED aluminum profile contain?

The LED aluminum profile system is not only composed of aluminum, and it includes the following parts.

Heat sink(Aluminum extrusion)

The heat sink is an essential part of the LED aluminum profile system. Its material is 6063-T5 aluminum, which can help the LED strip to dissipate heat quickly.


Diffuser’s material is generally PC or PMMA. The diffuser covers the LED strip to protect the LED strip and diffuse the light.

End caps

Most Endcaps are made of plastic, and a few are made of aluminum. It is generally divided into with-holes and without-holes. The endcap with holes is for the wires of the LED strip to pass through.

Suspension cable

When installing LED aluminum profiles, you need to use a hanging cable. The material of the hanging rope is generally stainless steel.

Mounting clips

Most materials for mounting clips are stainless steel, and some are plastic.

Mounting clips are generally used to mount surface or angle mount aluminum channels.

Other accessories

And there are some other accessories, such as rotating brackets, suspension brackets, and connectors.