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Wall mounted linear light is a kind of aluminum alloy extrusion structure and it's used for hanging the lights on the wall or ceiling. It's widely used in residential, commercial, retail and entertainment lighting. The wall mounted linear light has the following features:

1, The aluminum alloy extrusions are made from high-quality materials, which are durable to use.

2, The wall-mounted linear light can be customized according to your requirement about the size, color and shape, etc.

3, This series of products has a good heat dissipation function, which can effectively avoid overheating of LED lights.

Wall mounted linear light structure

What Material Is The Aluminum LED Channels?

Aluminum Extrusion

The material used to manufacture aluminum extrusion is 6063-T5. The aluminum extrusion is also known as “extruded aluminum” and it is a popular material for manufacturing LED channels. The reason why aluminum was chosen over other metals is because it has high thermal conductivity and it is easy to work with.

Heat sinks are a vital part of LED lighting structures. While LED lights are known not to heat up, they do produce some heating. They are simply cool to touch, but internally their conductors do produce heat at the expense of light lumens. Heat sinks are made of 6063-T5 aerial aluminum. Their job is to transfer heat to the outside air. Finned heat sinks are the most commonly used in LED lights, including LED extrusions, as they provide more surface area.

PC Diffusers

Diffusers are mainly made of polycarbonate (PC). PC has a high resistance to UV light and it is a highly transparent material. It is also considered an extremely durable material that can withstand the elements for many years. The PC diffuser is made to fit into the aluminum channel, which then allows light to pass through.

The PC diffuser has been treated with an adhesive coating that allows it to be easily installed into the aluminum channel without any additional hardware or tools. This makes installing your LED strip lighting very simple and quick!

The PC diffuser will not fade or change color over time like some other materials may do over time. It also does not need any special care or maintenance when installing or using your LED strip lights in any way shape or form!

End Caps

Most of the end caps are made of plastic, but there are some which are made of metal. The end cap is a small piece which has been attached to the ends of an aluminum profile in order to stop it from getting damaged. The end caps can be made out of various materials such as plastic, rubber or even metal. They help to prevent damage to your product while shipping or storage by providing a solid and secure attachment with other pieces.

End caps provide a solid and secure attachment with other pieces. Aluminum profiles end caps protect the edges from being scratched or damaged during transportation or storage. It also provides additional strength to your product that would not be possible otherwise!

Suspension Cables

For hanging LED channels, suspension cable is a must-have. It can connect the LED channel to the power supply and control box. The cable comes in 3 different lengths: 1m, 2m, and 3m. There are two ways to hang the LED channels: with brackets or with suspension cables.

Mounting Clips

The mounting clips for the LED profiles are made of stainless steel. They are designed to fit into a junction box or other support structure. The clips snap onto the aluminum profile and allow for easy removal of the LED panel if needed.

The clips are available in two types:

Standard Clip - These are used on most applications where the fixture is mounted from above, such as over kitchen islands, cabinets, and so on. They can also be used in places where you may want to mount an LED panel on a vertical surface, such as on a wall or ceiling.

Angled Clip - These are designed for situations where an LED panel needs to be mounted horizontally or at an angle. For example, if you want to install an under cabinet light fixture under your kitchen cabinets, but need it to be angled up toward the countertop so that it lights up everything well instead of just one area at a time (like most under cabinet lights).