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LED Strip Lights

How To Cut and Connect LED Strip Lights

Unless you’re lighting a very tiny project, you’ll almost certainly need to cut and connect LED light strips. This is one of the most significant advantages of using LED tape lights. Multiple strips can be linked together to illuminate bigger areas and unique nooks and crevices.

LED strips are often offered in lengths of several meters. LED light strips are available in lengths ranging from three to sixteen feet. But what if they’re too long? Can you trim LED strips to the length required for your project? The good news is that LED strips can be shortened. Don’t be in a rush to take out your scissors. In this article, we will show you the critical factors you must consider before shortening the length of your LED strips.

How to Cut LED Strip Lights

Prior to cutting confirm if the strip you purchased can be cut: because some strips once cut can become unstableDon’t. Proceed to ensure that you completely turn off the power supply.  It is exceedingly risky to cut a 24v RGB led strip that is attached to a power source directly.

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