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LED Strip Light CCT and CRI

When we talk about led strip light, we should know the basic knowledge of CCT and CRI. When we are using led strip light, we need to know what is CRI and what is CCT. What's the best combination of LED chips to balance the lights. Then What's the best way to choose the LED Strip Light?

1,What is LED Strip Light CCT?

Color temperature (or chromaticity) is a scale used to describe the appearance of a light source. It's measured in degrees Kelvin (K), from 2,500K and above (cool colors) to 6,500K and below (warm colors).

Color temperature is typically expressed as a single number, but it's actually a range of colors that are visible to the human eye. These different ranges are created by varying the amount of each pure color (red, green and blue) used in white light. KayTai have many different CCT led strip lights.


2, What CCT should you choose for your room?

Choosing the right color temperature for your room can make all the difference in how you feel when you're in your space.

Aluminum LED Profile for furnitureThe best way to determine what color temperature is right for your space is to think about how you want it to feel. Do you want it to be relaxing? Inviting? Bright? Here's a breakdown of each type of light and what effect it will have on your mood:

Warm light — Warm light has a yellowish tint, which gives off a cozy feeling. It's perfect for rooms where you want to relax, like your bedroom or living room.

Cool light — Cool light has a blue tint, which gives off an energetic vibe that's great for offices or kitchens. It also helps improve concentration since blue wavelengths are known to boost alertness and attention span.*

3, What is LED Strip Light CRI ?

LED Strip Light CRI Color Rendering Index

different-CRI-led light

CRI is a measure used for the ability of light to reproduce the exact tones on any object. This would give a faithful reproduction of what the colors of the object look like in natural light.

LED Strip Light CRI is not only a measure of how accurately it can depict color, but also how much of it resembles natural sunlight. The higher the value, the closer it will resemble natural sunlight.

The difference between different lighting sources is that their color rendering index varies from one to 100. Natural light such as sunlight has an index of 100 while incandescent lamps have an index of 85-95. Fluorescent lights have an index of 80-85 and LEDs have an index range from 75-80 depending on quality and type.

4, CCT vs. CRI Which value is more important ?

Differnt CCT in Room

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) are two of the most important characteristics of a light source. Both values are essential for choosing the right light for your needs.

The CRI value indicates how well a lamp reproduces the color of an object. It determines how natural objects and colors will look under the light. A high CRI rating means that you can expect better color rendering from your light source.

The CRI is designed to be used in combination with other values, such as color temperature, to determine which lamp is best suited for a specific application. For example, if you want to use your lamp in an art studio or photography studio where accurate color representation is critical, then you should look for a high CRI rating in addition to a low color temperature value (CCT).

5. What CCT Should I Choose for LED Strip Lights?

When we are lighting our room, we need to choose different color temperature led strip light. In the market, there are many kinds of color temperature led strip lights. It is difficult for us to choose the most suitable one .

The different color temperature of LED strips lights represent different color temperature of light, which can be divided into warm white, pure white, and cool white.

color_temperature at room

Warm White(3000-3500K): It has a yellowish tone and it is the closest to incandescent bulbs. It looks like indoor lighting or outdoor lighting in daytime.

Pure White(4000-4500K): The pure white light has a bluish tone that makes everything look brighter than they actually are. It is recommended for retail use, such as supermarket shelves, clothing stores and so on.

Cool White (5000-5500K): The cool white light doesn't have any blue tone but still looks bright enough to illuminate objects in detail. This kind of white light can be used in living rooms or bedrooms to create a warm atmosphere.

Cool White LED Strip Light

Cool white LED strip lights are best used in areas such as garages, basements, closets and other areas where you need a cooler temperature. They also work great for lighting up offices, kitchens and bathrooms. These lights are great for accenting certain areas of your home.

Warm White LED Strip Light

Warm white LED strip lights are best used in areas like living rooms, bedrooms and family rooms. They provide a more natural glow that is perfect for creating a relaxing environment after a long day at work or school. The warm white color is also great for helping children sleep at night without being too bright or harsh on your eyes.

RGB LED Strip Light

RGB lights allow you to choose the exact color of the light that you want to use in your home or business! This makes it possible to create an entire themed lighting scheme with just one product!

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