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What is the difference between LED Strip Light and Rope Lights?

Today, LED strip lights are becoming more widely adopted across homes, businesses, and communities due to their safe, efficient, and long-term reliability.

Strip lights and rope lights are two popular LED products, so this article will examine their differences in depth.

2. What Are Strip and Rope Lights?

There are numerous types of LED bulbs, and strip and rope lighting can both be used to create creative illuminations.

Learn what the two different types of lights are.

LED rope lights

Rope lights consist of long cylindrical tubes containing multiple light bulbs connected by plastic, epoxy, or other heat-resistant materials to form their cylindrical tubes, which allow light to pass through. As their output is relatively dim, these lights are most often used as decoration due to their dimness.

led rope light

LED Strip Lights

LED tape lights are flexible circuit boards containing many SMD LEDs arranged in rows on a flexible surface. Their back features adhesive strips that enable them to adhere securely and adhere easily to surfaces of any surface imaginable - they make great features of any setup environment due to their brightness, efficiency and ease of mounting.

2. What Are the Differences Between LED Strip Lights and Rope Lights?

There are numerous distinctions between strip lighting and rope lighting systems.

Lighting Source LEDs in both lighting sources are more energy efficient. Rope lights may also feature incandescent lamps instead of LEDs for an alternative option with either 120/220vAC or 12/24vDC power supplies available.

Strip lights are often more efficient than rope lighting, with LED chips coming in various sizes that run off 12/24VDC power supplies.


different size of led strip lightAlthough rope lights are smaller than their strips counterparts, their thicker tubes still provide enough light. Tube sizes range from one centimeter to two centimeters wide. Furthermore, being flexible and thin, rope lights are easy to use anywhere due to their adaptability.

LED strip lights are thinner and come in an assortment of sizes. Starting at only 0.5mm thick and with width options from 4mm-20mm they're suitable for single, dual or multi-lighting rows - ideal for use across many applications.

Rope lights offer a simple solution at a reasonable cost.

LED production is more intricate. To produce high-quality LED strips, manufacturers need high-grade materials, advanced equipment, and highly skilled workers - which makes their production more costly than rope lights. Furthermore, an LED strip light can also be made more beautiful and brighter by customizing its aesthetic features and brightness settings.

Installation and Mounting

led strip light Installation and MountingLED tapes feature strong adhesive backings on their backsides that adhere securely to many surfaces over time, making installation and mounting seamless and effortless.

Mounting clips can be used to install rope lights without adhesive tape.

Available Colors

led strip light Available ColorsChoose from white, red, green, and different CCT LED strip lights as desired - however, their light colors are fixed.

LED strip lights provide more options when it comes to color options than their competitors, as they can be configured for various hues such as White, RGBW, or digital hues.

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