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Best LED Strip Lights Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of the kitchen. It not only helps you see what you’re chopping up or stirring in the pot, but it also defines the distinct style and feels of your kitchen.

While many homes prioritize overhead lighting, you should also consider installing under cabinet illumination. This term refers to various light fixtures that are mounted on the underside of cabinets. These lights are useful for illuminating work areas, as decorative accents, or both. We compare numerous types of under cabinet lighting in this detailed overview. We also offer some useful purchasing tips for wholesale led strip lights, outlining the key qualities to look for when searching for the finest under cabinet lights.

What Do You Need for Kitchen Cabinets Lighting

kitchen LED strip light
  • We recommend 3528 CCT Adjustable Strips for recessed lighting, 5730 LED Strips for surface mounted lighting, and Built-in 4-in-1 5050 RGBW Strip for decorative lighting when using LED light strips for wall lighting.
  • Depending on how strong you want the light, you may use anywhere from 60 LEDs/m to 120 LEDs/m for both of these strips.
  • The length of the strip will be determined by the dimensions of the wall. LED light strip connectors can be used to connect the strips as well as to connect the strips to a power source.
  • By calculating the entire length of the strip by the watts per meter, you can calculate the wattage necessary to run the strips. 20 m of 5730 LED light strip, for example, will require 20m 13w/m = 260w.
  • Using LED light strip controllers, you can easily regulate the color temperature and brightness of the LED light strips.You can select COB led strip lights and SMD led strip lights.

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